Ok, so today is day 3 of my cycle and i remembered to take the First Response Fertility Test. To recap: one line or a test line that’s lighter than the control is good, that means your FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) level is low, which it should be at this stage. A test line that is similar in intensity to the control line is bad: that means that your FSH level is high, which is an indication of low ovarian reserve. K?

So clearly the test line (the one on the left) is lighter than the control line on the right. But i was actually kind of surprised by how dark it is. I was totally expecting to see only one line or maybe a faint second line. I’m only 30! I know, i know ovarian reserve doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with age. But still… i was kind of freaked out a little bit. I showed r and he (of course) dismissed any doubts i might have. His words were, “no one – no one – would look at those lines and say that they’re similar in intensity.” And he’s right. But all i could think was that if this was an ovulation test, i’d be looking for the positive tomorrow or maybe, at most, the day after…

I don’t know. I’m not freaking out now. But definitely, come September, if i’m not pregnant, i’ll be asking for them to measure my FSH levels. What do you think? Looking at that test… i mean, would you wonder at all?


  1. If I remember – it’s been several months, and I was much less sensitive to such things then – that looks almost exactly like my result when I took the same test. Which may not be comforting in the least to you, since I am not the picture of fertility… nevermind. I am not helpful. But I mean well. :)

  2. First, I totally understand where you are coming from, because I would be doing this obsessing too.

    But, because it’s not me, I can be more objective, and I do not think you have anything to worry about. If you had a blood test, you would be looking for an FSH under 11. I’m guessing that the control line is a 12, maybe? (Does the box say, by any chance?) I would guess something between 10 and 11 would have you squinting at it to see if it was the same intensity. To me, that looks like a 7, which is a perfectly normal FSH.

    So, just think about it this way. If you were told you wanted under 11, and you got a 7, you wouldn’t think, oh, I was hoping for a 3, right? You would just be happy it was normal. :) Also, FSH fluctuates, and next cycle it could very well be a 3.

    I have no idea if that helps but I hope it does!! :)

  3. homebrewedbaby

    thanks to you both! that all helps quite a bit, actually. and today when i looked at this photo again, they didn’t look nearly as “close to similar” as i thought they did before…
    no, unfortunately First Response doesn’t say anything anywhere about the sensitivity of the test. But yeah, looking at it now, i’m going with: clearly lighter. i refuse to worry. (mara – thinking happy thoughts about your appointment tomorrow!)

  4. That line is not remotely close to as dark as the control line. And with FSH levels, my understanding is that anything in the “normal range” is good and that it doesn’t really make much of a difference where in that normal range you fall. For example, and FSH level of 7 is good. As is a level of 3 or 9….but 3 isn’t really significantly better than, 9, ya know? It’s kind of an all or nothing test….it’s either good or it’s not.

    Thant being said, there’s no reason not to ask your doctor to check it to find out the actual number if that will give you some comfort.

    But in the meantime, rest assured that what you are looking at there is a line considerably lighter than the control line. :)

  5. Did you ever have FSH tested by your doctor? My test looks pretty much just like this one and I’m convinced it’s not exactly “normal”. I took this same test a year ago and the line was much lighter.

  6. No, i never did have it tested. I got pretty well convinced that however dark that line was or wasn’t, it was significantly lighter than the other and therefore within the normal range. And as it happens, i’m now 4 weeks and 6 days pregnant! So something was definitely working :) I suppose it’s definitely possible that there was an ovarian reserve question, but i guess i won’t know that for sure. Once we decide to start trying again, this is something i’ll come back to.

  7. I took this test Tuesday AM (10/19) right before I went in to have a 3 day FSH blood test done. According to the First Response Fertility test my FSH level are elevated. My test line was just as dark as the contol line. I just got the results from my blood test and my FSH levels are 6.9, which my doctor says is within the normal range of 2.8-11.6. I’m 39 yrs old and I am just starting my 1st IVF cycle. My guess is that the cotrol line is a level 7 considering the results of my blood test.

  8. thanks, anne. i think a lot of people get to this blog by looking for info about that test (there aren’t a million pictures of them like there are with pregnancy tests), so it’s nice to have a little more info. good luck with your IVF cycle!

  9. I’m 35 and we’ve been trying to conceive for 2 months. I know that’s not a long time, but I had a feeling something was really wrong. I took the First Response fertility test today and got 2 lines exactly the same color. I’ve been crying all day. It seems like this is about the worst thing that can happen in terms of being able to have a baby, because it means even assistive technologies won’t work. I have lots of friends in their late 30s with babies. I just can’t take it in that I’m never going to be able to have one…

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